Without the help of individuals and doctors who believe in the inherent healing capabilities of the human body, we would be unable to fulfill the mission. If you are interested in sponsoring Health Missions at a higher level, we encourage you to explore our individual and corporate sponsorship opportunities.


Dr. Bryne Willey


Dr. Eric DiMartino

Dr. Michael Hamstead

Contributors to the movement are not only practitioners, but the list below includes those individual patients, advocates, and supporters that follow the same mission and culture as the practitioners above. We thank every small to large contribution being made by those community members that want to help us to create a healthier community and world. [Need a waiver for the site]


Diane VanAcker


Many corporations contribute to different lobbying organizations and special interests to aid the betterment of the corporate agenda. However, these companies below have a social interest, a human interest, and have an interest in you and your community in obtaining the maximum ability to maintain an optimal state of health for you and your family.

Platinum ($25,000 annually)
Gold ($15,000 annually)
Silver ($5,000 annually)